R.J. Classics Girl's Harmony Jr. 2.0 Show Coat | Black

R.J. Classics

Harmony Jr. 2.0 Show Coat
*New Improved Fit
The Harmony Jr. 2.0 features a new and improved fit with all the same features that make it our best-selling girls coat! The
lightweight mesh body fabric provides extreme comfort and breathability while the Italian Jersey front panel offers a
conservative contrast. The unique back seams provide a subtle twist, while the vertical zipper pockets with snap closures
and matte logo buttons complete the look. With the traditional R.J. sizing options, you can expect the consistent R.J. fit!
• Extremely lightweight and breathable mesh fabric
• Hidden interior zipper
• Italian Jersey front panel
• Modern back seams
• Vertical zipper pockets
• Machine washable

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