Baker Turn Out Neck Cover w/ 200g Insulation

5/A Baker

For complete protection against the elements, add the Baker Turn Out Neck Cover to your horse's wardrobe. Made with the same high quality materials as the Turn Out Sheet, the Baker Turn Out Neck Cover's outer shell is a 1,200-denier polyester rip stop fabric that can take an incredible amount of abuse, while its satin smooth lining polishes the horse’s coat. A waterproof/breathable membrane bars water penetration yet allows water vapor from perspiration to pass through to the outside.

Three Velcro snaps on the neck let you quickly snug the cover down. A fourth snap, at the top of the neck, can be attached to the bridle, keeping the protector firmly in place.

For added warmth,  this neck cover includes a 200 gram layer of Curvofil IV insulation.

The Neck Cover size is based on your horse's 'Side Measurement'.

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