Acavallo Louvre Square Dressage Pad - Blk


These new pads can be combined, in case of need, with the ACAVALLO Louvre spine free C.C. pads.

The Louvre fabric is highly appreciated for the shininess and silky touch thus confirming the qualities of uniqueness and preciousness of this material.

The Eco-wool underside in close contact shape provides comfort to the horse, especially after the clipping.

The ”3D SPACER” central insert perfectly fits the horse’s conformation, eliminating the spinal pressure and improving the saddle fit. The particular structure of the “3D SPACER” insert makes these pads more elastic and torsion-free and further enhances their heat dissipating and ventilation capabilities.

Available in a wide range of colors and combinations.

Machine washable at 30°C using mild soap.

Do not spin or tumble dry.

Made in Italy

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