ThinLine Flexible Filly Slow Feed Grazing Muzzle

ThinLine, LLC

Softer, Smarter & Safer!

This Flexible Filly slow feed grazing horse muzzle is unlike the typical cage-like apparatus of the past. We designed this to be softer, lighter, and less behaviorally restrictive. Constructed of a durable and pliable material that radically improves the horses’ feel. It is effective while also being soft on equine teeth and lips. The Flexible Filly Muzzle is well-ventilated and safe, rated to break just before your turnout halter.  Additionally, the grazing hole size is adjustable, allowing you to offer the perfect grazing options.

Try our top-of-the-line muzzle!  Our research determined horses dislike muzzles because they cannot behave naturally in them.  With the historical cage-like or bucket-like versions, horses are unable to engage in social activities like wither scratching or other playful interactions resulting in social and emotional health in horse herds.

-So light they won’t even know they are wearing it.

-UV Protection for sensitive noses.

-Adjustable Grazing Hole Size.

-Each muzzle comes with 12 zip ties.

-Use with any halter or add our specially designed halter for an easy and perfect fit.

-Durability Guarantee (6-month full replacement warranty).

Mini/Pony: Larger Miniature horses and up to large pony. Grazing center holes.  Restricted is 2.5+ cm or regular 3.5+ cm.

Cob/Horse: Cob, Arabian, Quarter Horse, or Horses on the smaller side. Grazing center holes. Restricted is 2.5+ cm or regular 3.5+ cm.

Oversize/Draft: Larger horses, drafts, warmbloods, and oversize. Grazing center holes. Restricted is 2.5 + cm or regular 3.5+ cm.


Quick Fitting Tips:

With the horse’s head in the upright position do not be alarmed if it touches the lips. Keep in mind horses spend most of their time with heads at ground level. This makes more room in the muzzle.

If your horse is attempting to eat out of the sides, this generally means they are not able to get grass through the center hole.  The size of the center grazing hole needs to work with other variables such as the height and thickness of the grazing grass.  We provide the smallest of grazing holes with the ability to enlarge it.  Just look to see if you might need to enlarge the hole.

If the problem persists, check the horse’s fit in grazing position.

a) Lower your halter and make sure your muzzle is not on the top hole, the more “leggy” the fins are the easier it is for them to try to eat out of the sides.  Raise the entire muzzle up several holes.  If this does not work you might need a smaller muzzle.

b) Make sure the fins between the front (or back) fin and the side (attached to the square ring) are evenly spaced.  If you have the fins neighboring the center front or center rear too close to the center one the horse will be able to eat out of the sides rather than the grazing hole.

The closer you fit the muzzle to your horses’ lips the less likely it is they will step on the muzzle and tear it.

Wear at the grazing hole:  Some horses use this muzzle for years without wear, some wear the grazing hole in a few months.  It will depend on how aggressive your horse is with its teeth.  One of the great features of this muzzle is that it does not damage teeth.  If we make the muzzle more durable we will lose that.  If you experience some wear at the grazing hole just keep an eye on it. When the hole becomes too large, over about 4-5 cm, you will need to purchase a new muzzle.

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