Sore No More Liniment Gelotion

Bradley Caldwell

By popular demand, the EquiLite™ Sore No-More® Gelotion offers the same great benefits of the classic Sore No-More® Linimenwith a thicker, gravity-friendly gel formula that is perfect for use on legs or places where liniments are harder to keep in place. An excellent solution for relieving pain and reducing inflammation in sore muscles, this convenient gelotion can be used with or without bandages and is safe to use in conjunction with magnetic therapy.

Free of chemicals, Sore No-More® products are an all-natural, herbal solution that is safe and comfortable for even sensitive-skinned horses. This effective yet gentle formula will not burn or blister, and does not contain capsaicin.

  • Non-Irritating & Safe for Sensitive-Skinned Animals
  • All-Natural Combination of Herbs, Witch Hazel Bark & Leaves
  • Thick, "Gelotion" Formula for Use With or Without Bandages
  • Reduces Heat, Swelling, Inflammation & Infection
  • Provides Immediate Relief After Strenuous Exercise
  • Versatile Formula is Excellent for Ultrasound Medium
  • Safe for Use Anywhere on the Body!

Collections: Grooming & Stable, Liniment

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