Keratex Hoof Putty

Keratex Equine Hoofcare

Keratex Hoof Putty seals and protects hoof cavities and abscess wounds from germs, grime, and moisture to safeguard your horse's hoof health. The malleable wax creates a barrier that prevents bacterial invasion, and it also contains antibacterial properties that kill bacteria that compromise hoof health.

  • Seals and stabilizes: Helps to seal and stabilize horn separation cavities and abscess wounds.
  • Broad spectrum organic disinfectants: Contains slow-release organic disinfectants and antibacterials to treat fungal and bacterial problems.
  • Assists in recovery: Prevents grit, mud, and debris from entering cavities and compromising recovery.
  • Long-lasting use: Self-adhesive, flexible putty won't drop out or deteriorate.

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