Kavalkade Delight Browband


Kavalkade Delight Blue Curved Browband features shades of blue crystals that are darkest at the ends and become lighter in the center. Lovely blue crystals are a large size on a narrow curved band. From navy to royal to pale sky blue and back again, the row of crystals is sparkling and unique. The Delight Blue Curved Browband from Kavalkade can replace the plain leather browband on your dressage or black leather bridle to add an upscale touch to your tack. Cob (Approx 16 1/2") or Full (Approx 17").

Please note, the Kavalkade Delight Blue Curved Browband has an oval metal tag stamped Kavalkade at the left end. The photo shows a different black enamel tag. The browband you receive will have the silver color Kavalkade tag.

  • Black leather
  • Navy, Royal, and Light Blue crystals
  • Kavalkade stamped oval metal tag on left end

Collections: Browbands, Kavalkade

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