Hoof Heal

Bradley Caldwell

Cut Heal Hoof Heal is 5-in-1 Hoof Care for Horses, Hoof Heal effectively eliminates and prevents thrush while conditioning the hooves.

  • Stimulates hoof growth
  • Allows hooves to breathe
  • Does not freeze
  • Creates a drawing action for abscesses
  • 16oz. 
Raw Linseed Oil, Spirits of Turpentine, Pure Menhaden Oil, Bees Wax, Balsam of Fir and Oil of Vitriol.

General Instructions For Use:
Apply Hoof Heal into the coronet, frog and sole and over the entire surface of the hoof with the hoof resting on dry clean concrete. Within minutes when you raise the hoof you will find that Hoof Heal has penetrated and marked the concrete outlining the nail marks on the bottom of the hoof.

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