Tailored Sportsman Knit Icefil Short Sleeve Show Shirt

Tailored Sportsman

Tailored Sportsman Strapping IceFil Show Shirt
Beautiful rich colors create a strappy pattern with an equestrian flair. 

These super soft shirts are a combination of  94% Polyester and 6% Lycra with mesh under the arms. Multiple technologies of thermal radiation reduction and converting sweat to actually refrigerate the body. These breezy new shirts have snap collars with fun contrasting interior collar & placket

  • Keeps you 5 degrees cooler than other fabrics by turning sweat into refrigerant
  • Block thermal radiation from Infrared Radiation
  • Control moisture and sweat
  • Wrap Snap Collar
  • Italian Silk Interior Contrast On Interior Collar 
Cooling, Moisture Absorbing, Fast Drying, 2 way Air Circulation and UV Protection all in this beautiful show shirt.

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