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Back on Track

Therapeutic Exercise Boots Keep your Horse’s Tendons, Joints and Ligaments Loose and Supple.

Back on Track products are made with ceramic powder that reflects back body warmth as an infrared wave that stimulates blood circulation.

The Exercise Boots are made of highly durable neoprene. They offer an excellent fit and superior protection as they easily form close contact with the tendons and bones in the lower leg. The neoprene hinders dirt and gravel from penetrating the boots. 
  • Allows for the "Back on Track Effect" during workouts.
  • Reduces the risk of ligament damage.

The interior is lined with fabric composed of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, infused with ceramic powder. 

*Sold as a Pair

Sizing Info
Small: 10"
Medium: 11"
Large: 12"
Product Care Info
All Back on Track products can be machine washed at 86° F with mild detergent.
  •    DO NOT use fabric softener.
  •    DO NOT tumble dry because the product can be destroyed. Line Dry Only.
  •    DO NOT iron at a temperature higher than 122° F.

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